SANDPOINT, IDAHO — Litehouse, Inc., maker of refrigerated salad dressings, dips, sauces and more, has acquired Veggiecraft Farms, a Los Angeles-based producer of pasta alternatives formulated with cauliflower flour, lentil flour and pea flour. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Over the past year, Litehouse has made strategic moves to expand its footprint into different sections of the grocery store. Efforts have included the introduction of Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs in the spice aisle and at acquisitions of Sky Valley and Organicville brands, which offer shelf-stable sauces and condiments in the center of the store.

“The acquisition of Veggiecraft Farms is the latest development in our long-term strategy to focus on category expansion and offer consumers convenient, memorable home cooking experiences,” said Kelly Prior, chief executive officer and president of Litehouse. “We are starting to see a significant increase in consumer demand for plant-based offerings and this acquisition will provide a foundation for us to develop a portfolio of products with the plant-based consumer in mind. Outside of this acquisition, we will continue to put an increased focus on building out our plant-based offerings across multiple areas of the grocery store.”