LOS ANGELES — Compartés Chocolatier has collaborated with supermodel, cookbook author and social media influencer Chrissy Teigen to launch a limited-edition collection of chocolate bars.

Founder and chief executive officer Jonathan Grahm partnered with Ms. Teigen for months, developing flavor profiles inspired by special events and personal connections for her and her family.

Varieties include Chrissy’s Creamy Coconut Chocolate Bar, infused with coconut milk, crunchy popcorn and milk chocolate; John’s Cake Bar White Chocolate Bar, which has white chocolate, pieces of carrot cake and cinnamon; Miles’ Banana Bread Chocolate Bar, featuring white chocolate blended with pieces of banana bread; and Luna’s Blueberry Pancake Chocolate Bar, a white chocolate bar infused with maple syrup and studded with blueberries.

Based in Los Angeles, Compartés Chocolatier produces premium bars and truffles featuring unique flavor combinations, including donuts and coffee, churros and horchata, and cinnamon toast. The Compartés x Cravings Chocolate Bar Collection is available to purchase for a limited time at www.compartes.com/chrissycravings.