SADDLE BROOK, NJ. – International Molasses has introduced CaneRite Panela, a free-flowing powder sweetener made from the juice of the entire sugar cane plant. The sweetener is unrefined and non-centrifuged, which means it retains all the plant’s original flavor and nutritional benefits, including magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron and zinc.

Potential applications include cookies, baked foods, bars, spices, BBQ and other sauces, and confectionery items. CaneRite Panela offers excellent binding properties and a natural brown coloring with caramel notes, according to Saddle Brook-based International Molasses. It is non-GMO and sourced from farms in Ecuador recognized for methods of organic farming. The ReBird-Avez project fosters protection and propagation of native birds and insects, which then control pests and allow farmers to eliminate pesticide use.

“CaneRite Panela combines the flavor and nutrition benefits of a sweetener widely used in other markets with an ease of formulation attractive to North American food manufacturers,” said Amy Targan, president of International Molasses and its sister company, Malt Products Corp. “It also amounts to a sort of ‘nature-made’ brown sugar, eliminating the multi-step process often utilized to produce brown sugars by combining white sugar with molasses products.”