ISELIN, NJ. — Nascent Health Sciences unveiled a new corporate identity and strategic vision. The effort includes a refresh of the company’s website, plus a new logo that features a green and blue colored leaf and a red and yellow colored molecule.

“We felt like our brand’s visual identity needed to reflect the intersection of technology and nature,” said Michael Chen, managing director of Nascent Health Sciences.

As part of the new direction, the company is launching two key portfolios that build on the success of its SoPure line of stevia extracts and PureQQ micronutrient ingredient.

“Sugar reduction and cellular health will be our core portfolio identities,” Mr. Chen said. “These new platforms allow us to reach a broader market opportunity.”

In addition to SoPure stevia, the company’s sweetener portfolio features monk fruit extract, bulk sugar substitutes, proprietary sweetener blends, dietary fibers and proprietary natural flavors. Beyond PureQQ, its health supplements portfolio features ingredients for improving mitochondrial health and cellular nutrition, including inositol, CoQ10, NMN, resveratrol, astaxanthin, ALA, carnitine, choline and natural caffeine, as well as supplemental vitamins biotin, B12 and ascorbic acid.