ST. LOUIS — Efforts to end deforestation were a highlight in Bunge Ltd.’s 2021 Global Sustainability Report. The St. Louis-based company has committed to achieving deforestation-free supply chains by 2025.

Bunge has achieved 100% traceability to all-direct, soybean sourcing farms in the high-priority areas of South America. In palm-producing areas in Southeast Asia, Bunge has achieved 98% traceability to the mill and 77% traceability to plantation. In other sustainability efforts, Bunge since 2016 has reduced its water use by 22%, its energy use by 6.8%, its waste disposal by 5.3% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 5.4%. 

“Never before has sustainability been so critical to our business and our future,” said Gregory A. Heckman, chief executive officer of Bunge.  “At Bunge, this means we factor the environmental and social challenges we must address into the daily business decisions we make while we continue to connect farmers to consumers to deliver the food, feed and fuel that society depends on every day.”