RIVER FALLS, WIS. — Fiberstar, Inc. offers Citri-Fi, a range of non-GMO, upcycled fibers derived from citrus fruit.

The clean label fiber solutions are produced using a patented mechanical process that opens the fiber to create high surface area, which lends itself to high water holding capacity and emulsification, according to the company. Due to the native intact pectin, Citri-Fi’s gelling properties activate in specific conditions.

The citrus fibers may be used to improve texture and stability in a range of applications, including baked foods, meats, dairy, sauces, dressings, beverages, pet foods, dairy alternatives and more. They may replace chemical and synthetic ingredients while maintaining product quality.

The Citri-Fi range includes Citri-Fi TX texturizing citrus fiber, which was created to improve the taste and texture of plant-based meat alternatives. Once hydrated, the ingredient’s coarse granules mimic ground meat, according to the company. Citri-Fi TX is heat stable and maintains firmness in both hot and cold temperatures. It may replace gluten or textured vegetable protein in meat alternative formulations and may be used in formulations with or without methyl cellulose to improve texture.