ATLANTA – CP Kelco plans to invest more than $50 million to expand production capacity for its Nutrava citrus fiber. The project will add a second Nutrava production line at the company’s facility in Matão, Brazil, to increase total capacity to about 5,000 tonnes. Atlanta-based CP Kelco expects the new production line to become operational in 2023 with options to incrementally expand capacity based on future customer needs.

Nutrava citrus fiber is made from citrus peels, a byproduct of the juicing industry. Nutrava may assist formulators in creating products with fewer ingredients, less sugar and less fat, according to CP Kelco. Applications include baked foods, condiments, dressings, soup, fruit-flavored beverages, baked foods, dairy items and alternative protein products.

“We are excited about reaching this important milestone in our journey with Nutrava citrus fiber, which originated as a proof-of-concept only four years ago,” said Didier Viala, president of CP Kelco. “As a result of strong collaboration amongst our global team members and development partners since that time, our citrus fiber has evolved into a robust product line for use across a range of food and beverage applications, with a growing customer pipeline globally. We look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities for Nutrava citrus fiber in additional application segments.”