VIBY, DENMARK — Arla Foods Ingredients launched a new concept to help manufacturers solve issues surrounding the use of a soft nut butter base in protein bars.

The concept combines creamy peanut butter with Lacprodan SoftBar, a dairy and whey protein ingredient that allows bars to reach up to 37% protein content while delivering a soft texture. The combination reduces the risk of hardening over time, which may affect mouthfeel and shelf life, according to the company. It works well in maltitol-free bars.

“Peanut butter is a great choice because of its flavor and texture profile, and when manufacturers pair it with Lacprodan SoftBar they can create indulgent bars without sacrificing functionality,” said Joe Katterfield, sales development manager, health and performance nutrition, at Arla Foods Ingredients.

The new concept may be used by manufacturers as is or as a basis for recipes with different flavor combinations or nut butter varieties.