VENICE, CALIF. — An instant coffee alternative is debuting from Your Super, the health and wellness brand behind a range of plant-based superfood and protein mixes. Super Brew is organic and plant-based with no fillers, sweeteners, flavoring, added oils or artificial ingredients.

The new product is made with black tea, chaga mushrooms, lupin, dandelion root and coconut milk and contains a quarter of the caffeine content as coffee. Each ingredient is linked to a specific functional benefit, including supporting mental sharpness and focus, providing immune support, reducing cravings and enhancing energy. Super Brew has a nutty and smooth taste enhanced by sweet herbal notes, according to the company.

“Over the past few months, we've heard from hundreds of people who told us why they wanted to quit coffee,” said Kristel De Groot, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Your Super. “Coffee, they told us, increases their anxiety, causes shakes and jitters, and even leads to the dreaded late-afternoon crash. For some people, it even causes digestive discomfort, headaches, overstimulation, and dependency. We developed Super Brew to be the exact opposite.”

A 5.3-oz mix contains 30 servings and retails for $34.90 on the brand’s website,