KANSAS CITY – What does a gingerbread house taste like? Several new products launched this holiday season tried to capture the flavor and the texture of the holiday staple.

Baskin-Robbins named gingerbread house its flavor of the month for December and said each bite of the ice cream delivered a taste from a different part of a gingerbread house. Gingerbread cookie bites and crushed peppermint pieces added texture to the flavor.

Other companies followed the trend. Ferrara, a subsidiary of The Ferrero Group, Chicago, introduced Keebler gingerbread fudge stripes limited-edition cookies this year. Red Robin offered a gingerbread milkshake and PepsiCo offered a gingerbread “Snap’d” variety of Mountain Dew.

Even the Death Wish Coffee Co. tackled the trend with the introduction of its Gingerdead variety of coffee. The blend features the flavors of ginger, allspice and nutmeg from the company that claims to manufacture the world’s strongest coffee.

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