SOMERVILLE, MASS. — Brewer’s Foods, a family-owned company that recycles spent grains into crackers and combines them with 100% whole wheat flour, has relaunched its flatbread cracker line. Brewer’s Crackers are available in two flavors: sea salt and everything.

In addition to flatbread crackers Brewer’s offers pita chips in sea salt and rosemary varieties.

Matthew Fiasconaro, co-owner of Brewer’s Foods, said the company was forced to halt production of flatbread crackers for eight months between April 2021 and December 2021. The shuttering was driven by several factors, including strong demand that the company couldn’t keep pace with as well as COVID issues that affected staffing in the small bakery where the company was making its products.

“It was difficult because we worked so hard to get shelf space and (then had) to relinquish it back to competitors,” Matthew Fiasconaro said. He said it took the company eight months to find the right partner that could grow with it long term, and Brewer’s Foods is now baking in a larger facility.

The shift in production sites also gave the company the opportunity to create new, more eco-friendly packaging. Prior to the relaunch the flatbread crackers were packaged in a plastic container. Now, the crackers are using 90% less plastic.

“We hope we have put ourselves in a favorable position with consumers and buyers who are environmentally conscious and with lawmakers who are cracking down on single-use plastic,” said Kyle Fiasconaro, founder of Brewer’s Foods.

Brewer’s Crackers are available in Whole Foods Market stores in the North Atlantic and Northeast, with plans to expand to the Mid-Atlantic. The company’s products also are available in other grocers, specialty markets, cheese shops and farm stands on the East Coast.