KANSAS CITY — Product developers are pushing the boundaries of the plant-based foods market beyond burgers.

Lightlife, a brand owned by Maple Leaf Foods, is introducing plant-based chicken breasts and plant-based chicken strips. The products are made using high-moisture extrusion technology and contain pea protein.

“Lightlife Plant-Based Chicken Breasts and Strips deliver a chicken-like eating experience and versatility that is unmatched,” said Jitendra Sagili, chief research and development and food technology officer of Greenleaf Foods, Maple Leaf Foods’ plant-based business. “These products reflect our vision of relentlessly evolving the product designs, utilizing ingredient technologies delivering on consumers’ expectations for taste, color and texture.”

Field Roast, also owned by Maple Leaf Foods, is launching Chao Creamery Cantina-Style Plant-Based Queso, a dairy-free dip formulated with fermented tofu, bell peppers, paprika and spices.

Direct-to-consumer meal business Daily Harvest is debuting a plant-based crumble made from lentils, nuts, seeds and vegetables. A serving provides 13 grams of protein. The product is free of gums, fillers, hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients. Two options include walnut and thyme and French lentil and leek.

Forager Project is releasing its first children’s offerings. Organic Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt is a line of dairy-free pouches packed with probiotics, calcium and essential vitamins. Flavors include mixed berry, strawberry and mango.

“We hear from our fans about how much they love our spoonable and drinkable dairy-free yogurts, so it only made sense to make a kid-approved version,” said Stephen Williamson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Forager Project. “In speaking with parents, ‘organic’ is one of the most important attributes they look for when shopping for their kids’ food. We are excited to provide parents with an option we know their kids will love, and expand our product offerings to make Forager Project a brand the whole family can enjoy.”

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