EUSTIS, FLA. — A report from Florida Food Products focuses on clean label processed meats. The report, titled “Harness the power of plants to clean up your processed meat labels,” shares results from the company’s latest consumer research.

Topics covered include what consumers want from clean label meat products, what factors drive intent to purchase, what factors and ingredients reduce intent to purchase, and which benefits consumers are willing to pay more for. The report also highlights VegStable Plus, FFP’s functional solution for meat protection and performance. The plant-powered, clean label solution helps meat processors replace ingredients such as starches, gums, phosphates and carrageenans, according to the company.

“Many manufacturers want and need to compete in this clean label space yet struggle to find an alternative that delivers protection and performance results,” said Jenna Callahan, marketing coordinator at FFP. “VegStable Plus is an ideal natural alternative to undesirable ingredients that doesn’t compromise on protection or performance. Our easy-to-use, drop-in ingredient solution makes it possible to achieve a clean label while also creating a better overall eating experience with improved texture, juiciness and flavor.”