STONE RIDGE, NY. – Research company HowGood has released its new Scope 3 emissions reporting feature for consumer packaged goods companies and foodservice companies. Scope 3 emissions are indirect emissions produced in the upstream agricultural supply chain.

HowGood draws data available within its SaaS platform Latis, an intelligence platform featuring impact analysis on over 33,000 ingredients across eight environmental and social impact metrics. The Scope 3 reporting draws emission factors from HowGood’s database of over 600 vetted data sources, including life-cycle assessment (LCA) research, peer-reviewed environmental impact studies, government and non-governmental organization (NGO) publications, and aggregated commercial databases.

“There is mounting pressure from regulatory bodies and consumers alike for food companies to reduce their carbon emissions, and yet few tools are available to accurately measure the most impactful parts of the agricultural supply chain,” said Alexander Gillett, chief executive officer at Stone Ridge-based HowGood. “It’s critical for food brands to be able to quickly and easily identify their most problematic ingredients so that they can actually improve their footprint — and then communicate about those improvements downstream to retailers and consumers.”