Food Entrepreneur GAN SHMUEL, ISRAEL — Food technology startup Vgarden, Ltd. has added fish-free, canned tuna to its line of private label meat and dairy alternatives.

The tuna, derived from pea protein, was designed to offer a sustainable, vegan alternative that mimics canned versions of the world’s most popular fish, according to the company.

“Tinned tuna has a very distinct flaky, yet moist and chewy texture, with a powerful fresh-from-the sea aroma,” said Ilan Adut, chief executive officer of Vgarden. “Our new tuna-like product is clean label, scalable, affordable and sustainable. But for our plant-based creation to serve as a true substitute, even beyond compellingly mimicking all sensory qualities, it also has to match tuna as much as possible in nutritional value.”

In addition to its shelf-stable canned format, Vgarden’s tuna is available in a pouch format for chilled storage. Each package is made with a short list of natural ingredients, such as fibers and sunflower oil, and contains roughly 12% of the Daily Value of protein per serving.

The seafood alternative represents the second fish-free tuna to hit the market in the last six months, following Unmeat’s product launch in September.


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