KANSAS CITY — With springtime on the horizon, seafood is making its seasonal return to foodservice locations.

O’Charley’s debuted its new “Coastal Cravings” menu, which features offerings with shrimp or lobster. On the menu is a lobster quesadilla, lobster bisque and steak and lobster mac-and-cheese. Lobster is also available as a topping for steak or seafood entrees for $9.99.

Quiznos also is returning seafood to its menu with the addition of its seasonal lobster and seafood subs. The lemon-herb lobster sub featured a lobster and seafood salad, topped with a lemon-herb dressing, lettuce and tomato, all served on toasted Italian bread. The classic lobster sub has the lobster and seafood salad, topped with shredded lettuce on Italian bread.

The lobster and seafood salad is made from a blend of North Atlantic lobster and Alaskan whitefish from sustainable seafood provider King & Prince Seafood.

White Castle is bringing back its shrimp nibblers to menus across the United States and adding a new sriracha-flavored variety.

The shrimp nibblers are coated with a seasoned batter, then fried, and the sriracha-flavored nibblers have a sweet chili pepper blended into the breading.

“The shrimp nibblers and the new sriracha shrimp nibblers may be bite sized, but the taste is big, and the value is mighty,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “We look forward to this time of the year to deliver a favorite among Cravers and invite new customers searching for a hot and tasty meal.”

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