LUXEMBOURG — CSM Ingredients is investing in research and innovations of fats and oils, including seeking out new solutions for promoting sustainability and nutritional benefits to human health.

The company said it focuses on three areas when looking at process innovation in the production of fats and oils: sustainability, nutrition and functionality. Some process innovation efforts that CSM is researching include substitutes for plant-based oils, including microbial oils and enzyme technology, and healthier alternatives to saturated fats.

CSM also said it has opened an innovation center in Delmenhorst, Germany, for fats, oils and emulsifiers. The primary objective of the facility will be to produce innovative solutions focused on plant-based and sustainable food technologies as well as to recruit leading experts, such as specialized researchers and innovative startups in the food tech sector, to collaborate and help the company achieve its goal, CSM said.

“At CSM Ingredients, we work tirelessly to identify new and existing opportunities based on emerging and growing trends through open innovation and be at the forefront of the evolution of food ingredients,” said Aldo Uva, chief executive officer of CSM. “As such, our increased efforts in the fats and oils segment represent a fundamental aspect for elevating our research and innovation expertise, aiming at creating final products that feature excellent taste and quality. We believe our newly opened Innovation Center in Delmenhorst will serve as a center of excellence aimed at developing a new generation of innovative food ingredient solutions that will have a positive, sustainable impact on our planet and at the same time will improve human nutrition.”

CSM said its investments in research and innovation boost the company’s scientific expertise and in turn help itself transition toward healthier and more sustainable products, which the company claims will move it closer to becoming a “net-positive ingredient tech platform.”