CLARYVILLE, KY. — Tyson Foods Inc. completed an $83 million expansion project at its Claryville, Ky., prepared meats plant. The additional 15,000 square feet and updated equipment have increased the company’s production by 50%.

The project was spurred by growth in demand for Tyson’s Hillshire Farm brand products, the company said.

The expansion project allows Tyson to meet the high customer demand for Hillshire products.

The Claryville plant currently produces 130 million lbs of hot dogs, sliced meats and cocktail sausages. Tyson said it holds 70% of the market for cocktail sausages.

The now 357,000-square-foot facility employs over 750 workers.

The plant began operations in 1984 and expanded to cocktail sausage production in 1991.