PORTLAND, MAINE — Thor’s Skyr, a maker of traditional Icelandic skyr yogurt, is introducing a lactose-free product line.

The formulation is naturally sweeter than conventional skyr, which allowed the company to create a lactose-free alternative without any added sugars that is easy to digest to maintain lower levels of blood sugar. Each 6-oz cup of the plain skyr variety contains 21 grams of protein, and the flavored offerings, including vanilla, strawberry and blueberry, contain 18 grams of protein.

“We know consumers are looking for more protein and less sugar, so we are excited to be able to launch our new formula that will help introduce skyr to a wider demographic,” said Unnar Beck Daníelsson, chief executive officer of Thor’s Skyr. “Not only does the skyr taste delicious and refreshing, but it allows people with lactose intolerances and stomach sensitivities to enjoy the product as much as anyone else. We are committed to educating consumers on the benefits of skyr and look forward to continuing to bring healthy yet flavorful options to our customers so they can be confident that Thor's Skyr is the right choice.”

The company is targeting the US lactose-free market currently valued at $12.6 billion, according to research from Data Bridge, with a growth projection to $32.2 billion by 2029. Thor’s Skyr is debuting the product, along with three new traditional flavors (coconut, coffee and key lime) at the Natural Product Expo East held in Philadelphia from Sept. 20 to Sept. 23.