SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — PepsiCo, Inc. has unveiled plans to expand its snacks production plant in Cabo de Santo Agostino, Brazil, by 30%. Construction on the facility already has begun, with completion expected by May 2024, the company said. PepsiCo said it expects the project to create 300 new and indirect jobs.

“The Northeast region is strategic for PepsiCo, and we have continuously invested in it,” said Marcelo Zanetti, director of operations at PepsiCo Brazil. “Proof of this is that our production capacity in the last four years has increased by more than 50%, including the implementation of the new Torcida line.”

PepsiCo said it operates eight plants in Brazil, with the facility in Cabo de Santo Agostino responsible for production of Cheetos, Cebolitos, Fandangos and Torcidas.