VEVEY, SWITZERLAND — Nestle S.A., through its Cereal Partners Worldwide joint venture with General Mills, Inc., has pledged to reduce the sugar content of 20 Nestle breakfast cereal brands to 9 grams or less per serving by the end of 2015. The effort would cut sugar content by up to 30% across several brands marketed to children, including Nesquik, Chocapic, Honey Cheerios, and Milo.

Nestle said the reductions in sugar will be made alongside other nutritional improvements. Specifically, whole grain will be the main ingredient in all the new recipes. Also, the amount of calcium per serving will increase to at least 15% of the recommended daily allowance. In the European Union, 15% of the RDA for calcium is 120 mg. The sodium content also will be reduced to 135 mg or less per serving.

“Breakfast cereal is an affordable, convenient and nutritious way to start the day,” said Jeff Harmening, president and chief executive officer of Cereal Partners Worldwide. “Nestle breakfast cereals provide whole grain and are typically lower in fat, salt or sugar than many other breakfast options. They are also lower in calories, containing less than 200 per serving with milk.”

Cereal Partners Worldwide was formed in 1990 to produce and sell breakfast cereals outside North America. Today, C.P.W. is the world’s No. 2 breakfast cereal company outside North America, with Europe being its largest market. The joint venture sells products in more than 140 countries and employs more than 4,000 people.