NEW ORLEANS — Lite Foods, Inc., a new ingredient supplier in the United States, had a booth for the first time at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition going on in New Orleans. Lite Foods promoted four products: a Neusolite process that reduces fat in fried foods, bread mixes with a low glycemic index, a reduced sodium salt alternative and reduced calorie sweeteners.

Lite Foods has research and development facilities in Australia and Malaysia.

Neusolite involves a patented two-stage, pre-soak system that has been shown to reduce fat in fried foods by as much as 60%. The system uses ingredients to keep the oil from fried foods in the fryer.

For the bread mixes, Asian botanicals are added to the manufacturing process. Besides bread, other potential applications include muffins and pizza dough. The reduced sodium salt involves a proprietary potassium blend.