MINNETONKA, MINN. — Brian Boor has been named president and chief operating officer of Nu-Tek Food Science, a developer of sodium reduction technology. Mr. Boor is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, ensuring efficiency and that the company’s mission and goals are aligned. He previously was senior vice-president of sales and business administration.

Mr. Boor has broad experience in the food ingredient industry. Prior to joining Nu-Tek Food Science, he was senior vice-president of global sales and customer operations for Olam International’s Spices and Vegetable Ingredients unit. He also spent six years at ConAgra Foods, Inc., where he was vice-president of sales and customer operations.

“Since joining the executive team, Brian has proven to be an outstanding asset and tremendous value to the business, showing exemplary leadership skills and organizational talent,” said Tom Manuel, chief executive officer of Nu-Tek Food Science. “I look forward to working with Brian to expand our business impact and continuing our work towards making a substantial contribution to global health and wellness.”