LOS ANGELES — Axiom Foods has introduced a green pea protein ingredient that features 80% protein concentration and a neutral taste, according to the Los Angeles-based company. The pea protein is available to sample at SupplySide West going on Oct. 7-8 in Las Vegas.

Peas are vegan, rich in iron and allergen-friendly, according to the company. Pea protein is being used in dairy-free milk and ice cream, baked foods, granola bars, pasta, mayonnaise, processed fish, meat, meat substitutes, and egg products. Axiom Foods cited data from Mintel showing the amount of food and drink products using pea protein in formulations increased by 49% between 2013 and 2014.

For sustainability benefits, it takes less water and less land to grow peas than to grow other sources of protein, according to Axiom Foods. It takes 3,200 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram (about 2.2 lbs) of pea protein, less than the amount of water used to grow soybeans and to raise cows that provide whey protein. It takes 2 acres of land to grow 1 ton of pea protein, less than the amount required for beef protein.