Douglas Muzyka, Dupont
Douglas Muzyka, senior v.p. and chief science and technology officer for DuPont, said the new headquarters will bring the company closer to its ASEAN customers.

SINGAPORE — A new innovation and business headquarters in Singapore is in the works for DuPont. The 118,400-square-foot facility will open in 2016 and house nearly 200 scientists, engineers and business leaders. The facility will be tailored to meet the needs of the ASEAN marketplace, DuPont said.

“DuPont’s powerful innovation pipeline is driven by our unique combination of science and engineering, strong execution and global reach,” said Douglas Muzyka, senior vice-president and chief science and technology officer. “The DuPont Singapore ASEAN headquarters will bring us closer than ever to our ASEAN customers so that together we can more quickly develop and deliver innovative solutions for the region and the world.”

ASEAN is considered an increasingly important economic region for DuPont. With more than 620 million people, and with a rapidly rising middle class, the region is home to a rapidly expanding knowledge base.

“Singapore is an ideal location for the DuPont ASEAN headquarters because of its close proximity to our ASEAN customers, the region’s diverse talent pool, and policies that stimulate collaboration and innovation,” said Hsing Ho, group managing director for DuPont ASEAN.

DuPont has a presence in eight ASEAN countries and has operated in Singapore since 1973. With the establishment of the new ASEAN business and R.&D. headquarters, DuPont’s total workforce presence in  Singapore  will grow significantly. The facility is expected to expand to over 300 employees by 2020. It will be part of DuPont’s global network of 13 innovation centers and 150 research and development centers worldwide.