Jennie-O All Natural Turkey, Hormel
Jennie-O All-Natural Turkey Sausage is a lean alternative to traditional pork sausage.

WILLMAR, MINN. — Jennie-O Turkey Store, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corp., has developed a new sausage for consumers seeking simple and natural ingredients.

The company’s All-Natural Turkey Sausage is a lean alternative to traditional pork sausage, according to Jennie-O. The product is available in hot and original varieties with lower fat content and a simple ingredient list: salt, sugar, a blend of spices and rosemary extract.

“As more of our customers begin to look toward foods with simple ingredients, we are thrilled to offer a delicious turkey sausage, free of preservatives,” said Mary Wieland, brand manager at Jennie-O Turkey Store. “Home cooks will love how easily the product can be added to their go-to recipes — from a lean protein added to classic breakfast dishes to a quick and tasty homemade pizza topping — it’s sure to become a favorite.”

The All-Natural Turkey Sausage formulation offers additional benefits such as improved flavor, reduced sodium and 110 calories and 6 grams of fat per serving. The product also is minimally processed and free of BHT, BHA and other preservatives, according to the company.