Pasta Romana
Pasta Romana makes fresh pasta, fresh filled pastas, sauces and pestos.

OAKVILLE, ONT. — Romana Food Brands Corp. has acquired Pasta Romana, a Canadian-based maker of fresh pasta, fresh filled pastas, sauces and pestos. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Formerly known as Blackbird International, Romana Food Brands is shifting its focus toward the $98 billion Canadian food processing sector.

“Due to the current advantageous nature of the Canadian food processing market, management has resolved to establish a position in industry, enabling the company to capitalize on this profitable and thriving sector,” Romana Food Brands said.

Pasta Romana
Founded in 1996, Pasta Romana is based in Canada.

Founded in 1996, Pasta Romana also manufactures private brand products, many of which are served in food service establishments throughout Montreal.

“We have great expectations for the foreseeable future,” said John Pedder, president of Romana Food Brands. “With proven expertise in product development and retail understanding, management has effectively stayed on top of the trends, incorporating cutting-edge equipment and attentiveness to the needs of its growing client base. We are very pleased to be moving forward in this industry and highly anticipate how we will emerge, strengthening Romana Foods as an industry contender, building corporate value for shareholders.”