DALLAS — Highlander Partners, L.P. continues to build out its confectionery business with the acquisition of Queen City Candy, Inc. (Q.C.C.), a Greendale, Ind.-based maker of gummies, jellies and fruit snacks. Q.C.C. manufactures pectin- and gelatin-based products and is S.Q.F. Level II certified. 

“We are excited about our acquisition of Q.C.C.,” said Jeff L. Hull, president and managing partner of Highlander. “We believe the opportunity in the gummy confection and vitamin space will continue to grow at a significant rate. Q.C.C. offers outstanding manufacturing capabilities, with its cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and unique production capabilities. We believe that with Highlander’s resources and in collaboration with Bettera Brands, another Highlander portfolio company, Q.C.C. will be able to expand its product offerings and enter new markets, further accelerating the company’s growth.  Q.C.C.’s capabilities extend beyond regular confection products, and we believe that we can capitalize on the industry trends and the uniqueness of the company’s assets while pursuing gummy vitamin and other confection and wellness strategies over the next few years.”

The acquisition of Q.C.C. marks Highlander’s fourth investment in the confection space in the past two years, and its third food transaction in 2018.

Most recently, Highlander acquired the trademark portfolio of 10 confection brands from Huhtamäki Oyj. Other confection companies acquired in the past two years include Gimbal’s, a manufacturer of gourmet jelly beans and gummy vitamins, and Hillside Candy, a maker of organic, sugar-free and nutraceutical confections.