HAMILTON, ONT. — Sucro Sourcing, a 100% cane sweetener supplier, has completed construction on its new granular sugar refinery in Hamilton.

“At Sucro Sourcing, we are focused on creating value for our customers through continuous innovation and unique supply chain solutions,” said Jonathan Taylor, chief executive officer and founding owner of Sucro Sourcing L.L.C. “Our innovative approach to micro sugar refineries, and the proprietary process technology utilized, allows Sucro to reduce costs for our customers and conduct business in a way that is more sustainable and aligned with our customers’ needs.”

Sucro said it partnered with mechanical and plant engineering firm BMA on the project. The two companies collaborated to provide the design, engineering and installation of Sucro’s Hamilton sugar refinery and its processing capability. Sucro also received support for the project from the Hamilton Port Authority.

Sucro said its innovative refining system will allow it to refine sugar in close proximity to its customers, creating value through logistics efficiencies, supporting sustainability initiatives and greater supply chain transparency.

“As the demand for cost-effective sustainable practices increases from our customers, we will continue to adapt to support these efforts through smaller-scale, more flexible sugar refineries,” said Don Hill, director and partner for Sucro Sourcing. “Our customers’ priorities are our priorities, and we are proud to offer them cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to support their businesses.”

Sucro Sourcing operates 5 processing facilities, 15 storage locations, 9 regional transfer stations and 4 logistical centers.