MADISON, WIS. — Specialty Cheese Co., a maker of ethnic cheeses and baked cheese snacks, will invest $1.65 million to expand its facility in Reeseville, Wis.

As part of the expansion, Specialty Cheese will build out capacity for its new snack line and improve capacity for its fresh cheese products. The company also said it plans to remodel a portion of the plant to accommodate new equipment and increase capacity for manufacturing.

The project is being supported by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC), which will authorize up to $100,000 in state income tax credits over the next three years.

“I am grateful for the help of WEDC in helping our family and our community build our business,” said Paul Scharfman, president of Specialty Cheese. “It is expensive for a small business to invest in capital improvements and capacity expansion. WEDC’s help is invaluable.”

Specialty Cheese was founded in Reeseville in 1991, when the Scharfman family purchased five cheese factories dating back to the 1860s. Over the past 28 years the company has expanded and modernized, with actions including the purchase of a local high school that was converted into a cheese plant in 2003.