WESTCHESTER, ILL. — Ingredion, Inc. published a research brief exploring consumer perceptions of allulose.

The company surveyed 1,400 consumers to measure acceptability and openness to trying allulose both before and after receiving a brief definition of the ingredient. Pre definition, 7% of consumers said allulose was an acceptable ingredient, compared to 95% who said it was an acceptable ingredient post-definition.

The definition provided by Ingredion described allulose as a rare sugar that tastes and functions like sugar and contains nearly no calories or grams of sugar. It also said the ingredient is FDA-approved for use in food and beverage products and is a good replacement for sugar.

The most meaningful and compelling messages for consumers were “contains low/no sugar” and “good alternative to sugar,” Ingredion said.

The company also asked consumers how they feel about allulose in key applications. Post-definition, 58% of consumers said it was their preferred sweetener in energy drinks, 45% said it was their preferred sweetener in ready-to drink nutritional beverages, and 94% said it is an acceptable ingredient in snack bars.