MOSS LANDING, CALIF. — Sweet Earth Foods, a Nestle SA brand, is gearing up for grilling season with new plant-based hot dogs and a new version of its plant-based Awesome Burger.

Sweet Earth Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs are ballpark-style franks that are made with a pea and potato protein base. The vegan hot dogs are 23% bigger than other similar products, the company said.

The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger 2.0 is reformulated version of the brand’s original Awesome Burger that now combines hemp, fava beans and pea protein as its base. The Non-GMO Project verified patties deliver a “beefier texture and more authentic burger experience,” Sweet Earth said.

“The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger saw incredible success at its launch in 2019, but at Sweet Earth Foods we’re constantly asking ourselves and our customers how we can make our plant-based proteins tastier, more craveable and more like traditional animal-based proteins,” said Ryan Riddle, senior product development specialist with Nestle and Sweet Earth. “Over the last year we have continued our product development, listened to consumer feedback, and made the Awesome Burger 2.0 even juicier with a beefier flavor and meatier texture.”

Sweet Earth Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs are available for $6.99 at select Ahold grocery stores with greater availability at Kroger stores in August. The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger 2.0 will be available nationwide this summer at Target, Whole Foods, H-E-B, Sprouts and more for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

 “Our relentless approach to innovation allows us to offer consumers tasty, nutrient-diverse protein options they can feel good about incorporating into their diets,” said Sara Wheeler, general manager for Sweet Earth Foods. “With more people eager to try delicious plant-based options, we’re excited to bring an even greater variety of favorites to consumers’ backyards and kitchens this summer.”

Sweet Earth Spicy Kung Pao plant-based jerkySweet Earth also is rolling out its first shelf-stable snacking product: plant-based jerky made with vital wheat gluten. Available in Spicy Kung Pao and Sweet Korean BBQ flavors, the jerky provides 13 grams of protein per serving.

The Spicy Kung Pao jerky, now available nationwide, is made with the flavors of the Szechuan Province, including ginger and cracked red peppercorns.

The Sweet Korean BBQ jerky will hit shelves later this year and features soy sauce and gochujang peppers.

“We are going beyond the bun to provide consumers a variety of flavor-forward plant-based offerings for various occasions,” Ms. Wheeler said. “Our new plant-based jerky addresses flexitarian consumers’ need for a convenient, on-the-go source of plant protein, with bold flavors and the same authentic mouthwatering meaty taste and texture of traditional jerky that they crave.”