OKLAHOMA CITY — Sonic’s new Uncorked Slushes are inspired by — not made with — wine.

The non-alcoholic frozen beverages come in three flavors: Strawberry Frosé, Red Berry Sangria and Peach Bellini.

The Strawberry Frosé slush blends strawberries and notes of rosé wine flavor.

The Red Berry Sangria slush layers notes of red berry sangria wine flavor with strawberries.

The Peach Bellini slush features notes of white wine infused with sweet peach flavor.

“The new Uncorked Slushes offer the perfect union between Slush and wine-inspired flavors,” said Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for Sonic, a subsidiary of Inspire Brands, Inc. “Our culinary team is always looking for flavors that pair perfectly with the season, and the Uncorked Slushes will allow our guests to soak up every last moment of summer with each relaxing sip.”

Sonic Uncorked Slushes are available Aug. 30 through Sept. 26 while supplies last.