KANSAS CITY — Mint is a mainstay on March menus, as restaurant brands roll out St. Patrick’s Day themed items. A limited-edition Oreo Cookie Mint Shake is joining the menu at Jack in the Box, spun with a mint flavor and Oreo cookie pieces and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Yogurtland is offering its Irish mint cream flavored frozen yogurt for a limited time.

Irish cream appears in several seasonal offerings, too. The flavor of the month at Baskin-Robbins is Golden Oreo Irish Cream, which has Irish cream and Belgian chocolate ice cream with Golden Oreo cookie pieces and graham cracker crumbs. At Dunkin’, the Shamrock Macchiato has layers espresso with Irish cream flavor, sweet cream and vanilla, with a green hue.

Fast-food chains are unveiling new seafood options to reel in Catholic customers during the Lenten period. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is serving the Bangin’ Shrimp Taco for a limited time. Krystal Restaurants has unveiled seafood items with a Southern twist, including a Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich. 

Returning to White Castle’s menu for a limited time is Shrimp Nibblers, bite-size butterfly shrimp made with a crispy coating. The offering is available in small, medium and sack sizes.

“Our Shrimp Nibblers are so good they reel in more fans every time we offer them,” said Lynn Blashford, chief marketing officer for White Castle. “It’s love at first bite. They’re definitely a perennial favorite with our customers.”

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