NEW YORK — Forty startups are set to appear at the Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins summit in New York June 21-22. The event will include food tastings, panel and roundtable discussions and a pitch presentation highlighting cutting-edge solutions spanning fermentation, cellular agriculture and plant-based innovation.

“We are excited to showcase talent from around the world and spotlight breakthrough technologies that can tackle the global challenges of food insecurity, climate change and sustainable nutrition,” said Callum Alexander-Lindsay, startup partnerships manager for the summit.

Companies participating in the early-stage startup show case include Cella Farms, which uses fermentation to transform agricultural crops into complete nutritional products; New School Foods, a developer of plant-based whole-muscle seafood alternatives; Pleese Foods, a maker of plant-based pizza cheese using bean and potato proteins; Profuse Technology, which develops supplements for cultivated meat media that reduces costs and shortens production time; SeaSpire, a developer of plant-based, whole-muscle seafood alternatives using synthetic biology biomass and proprietary additive manufacturing technology; Sudhin Biopharma, which uses high intensity cell culture and harvesting technologies; Synonym, a creator of a financing and implementation platform to rapidly build commercial-scale biomanufacturing facilities; Vertage, a creator of cultured and fermented cheese; and Wanda Fish Technologies, which has developed a platform to produce cultivated whole-cut fillets using native fish fat and muscle cells.

The summit’s taste lab will include Bee-io’s cultivated honey, Brevel’s microalgae-based proteins, and v2food’s fennel and cranberry plant-based sausage rolls. Additionally, Zero Egg will serve its plant-based egg substitute, PiP International will debut its pea protein; Meati Foods will offer fungi-based chicken-style shawarma pita and grilled za’atar steak-style and vegetable kabobs; and Nowadays will serve its plant-based chicken nugget alternatives. Attendees may sample Eclipse Foods’ plant-based frozen dessert, Brave Robot animal-free dairy ice cream, Triton Algae Innovations’ algae-based dumplings, and plant-based offerings by Enough, Beyond Meat and TNUVA Alternative.

Featured speakers include the founders and leaders of Air Protein, NotCo, The Every Co., Nature’s Fynd, Big Mountain Foods, Wamame Foods, Innovopro, Remilk, BlueNalu and more.

“The Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins Summit showcases companies, products and opportunities, while inspiring collaborations and partnerships, so that new age innovators and legacy corporations alike can create meaningful impact through delicious products for consumers worldwide,” said Lou Cooperhouse, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of BlueNalu, a cell-cultured seafood company.

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