OAKWOOD, GA. — Wayne Farms and Sanderson Farms, Inc. have officially combined under the Wayne-Sanderson Farms label, finalizing the new company’s rebrand.

The two chicken producers merged following the $4.5 billion joint acquisition of Sanderson Farms by Continental Grain Co., New York, the parent company of Wayne Farms, and Cargill, Minneapolis.

“Bringing two of the best companies in the business together positions us for more sustainable operations, more competitive opportunities and long-term growth for our employees and our business,” said Clint Rivers, chief executive officer of Wayne-Sanderson.

Prior to the merger, each company focused on different sectors, with Wayne specializing in the restaurant and foodservice markets and Sanderson specializing in retail.

Now, the new brand aims to serve all these areas and combine the previously separate market shares.

Wayne-Sanderson’s name and logo also reflect this union, designed to retain the reputation and recognition each company has built, said Mr. Rivers.