COLUMBUS, OHIO — Ujjo is bringing a new spice to the beverage industry with its hot sauce, which is designed to be used in drinks, specifically in coffee.

Using a mix of natural sweeteners and a blend of chili, the hot sauce is available in two varieties: dark roast, with tasting notes of cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla and molasses, and light roast, which has more “zing,” according to the company, with notes of citrus and ginger.

It can be used to flavor coffee beverages like lattes and mochas, as a glaze for roasted vegetables, or as a topping on breakfast tacos or ice cream, according to the company.

"Putting hot sauce in drinks may seem weird, even though it’s no weirder than putting hot sauce on foods,” said Lauren D’Souza, founder of Ujjo. “But to make it work in drinks, you have to do a few things differently. I love that by challenging some conventions about what it means to be a hot sauce, we’ve made a condiment that works with something totally unexpected — coffee — but that customers love in other drinks and foods, too."