PORTLAND, ORE. — Enrich Foods, LLC, a subsidiary of Columbia Grain International, will source certified climate-friendly rice that is sustainably farmed and harvested from US farms in collaboration with AgriCapture, a mission-driven technology company that tackles climate change using agricultural solutions. The white and brown climate-friendly rice, which is part of Enrich Foods’ Great River Milling brand, will be available on Amazon in early October 2023 and will be available at nationwide grocery stores in early 2024.

“This partnership with AgriCapture reinforces our commitment to agricultural sustainability,” said Bill Germano, chief operating officer of Enrich Foods. “Consumers now have a choice to contribute to a sustainable food system by purchasing long grain white or brown rice that has been grown and harvested in ways that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil health, and conserve water.”

The rice is part of Great River Milling’s “Better for You and Better for the Earth” product line, which also includes organic steel cut oats, organic multigrain hot cereal, organic highland medley hot cereal, organic almond flour, organic lily white flour, organic rye flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic seven grain bread flour, gluten-free pizza crust mix, organic green lentils, organic red lentils and organic black beans. According to Enrich Foods, nine of these products, including the hot cereals, have received the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check certification, tying into the company’s goal of helping consumers find healthier food choices.

“We’re excited to offer retailers new healthy choices and make our specialty products more accessible to every shopper,” Mr. Germano said. “We mill our own grains and our products naturally have more fiber, protein and nutrients. People looking for a healthier breakfast option will love our organic, no added sugar, single-serve hot oatmeal packs.”