IRVING, TEXAS — Zurvita is launching Zurge, a new functional coffee blend designed to promote cognitive health.

Zurge is formulated with 100% Colombian coffee, lion’s mane, stabilized rice bran, coffeeberry cascara and CognatiQ, the company’s patented ingredient derived from arabica coffee cherries. The blend offers benefits such as sharpened memory, reduced brain fog and increased focus, according to the company.

“Zurge is augmenting the joy of coffee with the ability to get the brain working sharper — and all in a completely natural way,” said Jay Shafer, founder and chief executive officer of Zurvita. “Zurvita aims to change lives with an easy and accessible way to better health; with Zurge, we are adding powerfully positive nutrition to the daily habit of coffee drinking — supercharged with big results and a delicious flavor.”