KANSAS CITY — New non-dairy and plant-based products are making their debut.

My/Mochi is releasing its first-ever sorbet line, which features mochi dough, filled with a fruit sorbet. Available in an initial flavor launch of peach mango and raspberry options, the non-dairy frozen treats are 70 calories per serving.

“Mochi is really becoming a major trend as consumers seek to explore new foods that are rooted in culture, deliver unique eating experiences and can be a vehicle for different flavors and textures,” said Brigette Wolf, chief marketing officer at My/Mochi. “We also know that those with a sweet tooth want lower calorie, portion-controlled desserts — especially in the summer — so we thought sorbets would be a great addition to our line of joyfully chill treats.”

Plant-based milk brand Malk Organics expanded its portfolio with three plant-based creamers, vanilla almond, caramel almond and lightly sweetened oat. The dairy-free creamers contain no gums, oils or fillers.

“Following our recent funding, distribution expansion, and successful launches of shelf stable and cashew, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Malk family — cleaner creamers,” said Jason Bronstad, chief executive officer of Malk. “There aren’t many clean creamer options out there for those looking for a rich, tasty supplement to their coffee, tea, or matcha. So, we have made it our mission to change this by offering simple ingredient creamers that don’t sacrifice delicious flavor.”

Lastly, plant-based functional protein beverage brand Rebbl added its first product beyond 12-oz ready-to-drink beverages, smoothie starters. Aimed at making smoothie preparation easier, the multi-serve smoothie starters are intended to create nutrient-dense smoothies quickly, according to the company. Available in coconut milk and oat milk liquid base flavors, the smoothie starters feature 20 grams of protein, as well as postbiotics.

“The launch of smoothie starter marks a significant milestone in our product portfolio; we’re proud to introduce this one-of-a-kind offering for smoothies that is unmatched in the current market,” said Andy Fathollahi, chief executive officer of SYSTM Foods. “We’ve eliminated the guesswork from smoothie prep and are offering consumers a quality, convenient foundation to enhance their morning ritual at an unrivaled value.”

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