ST. LOUIS – Sensient Colors, L.L.C. now has a color spectrum of clean label, bright and stable, naturally-sourced blue and green colors permitted for use in food and beverages in the United States.

“Developing formulations from the three unique natural blue sources, including spirulina and a patent-pending process application, we can offer our customers even more shades of blues, greens and purples with superior performance across all food and beverage applications,” said Mike Geraghty, president, Color Group, for Sensient Technologies Corp. St. Louis-based Sensient Colors is a business unit of Sensient Technologies. “Combining this blue portfolio with our expanded ranges of reds, oranges and yellows from our advanced emulsion technology creates the most complete natural color spectrum available to customers.”

The colors are pH, light and heat stable. They may be used in such applications as dairy, processed foods, baked foods, beverages and confectionery items. Colors range from blueberry to sky blue, vibrant emerald to clean mint green, and intense grape to soft pastel lavender purple. They are available in different delivery systems, including liquid, powder and dispersion forms.

The Food and Drug Administration amended its color additive regulations for the safe use of spirulina extract as a color additive in candy and chewing gum, according to the Aug. 13Federal Register.