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Nate’s announces new product packaging and non-G.M.O. label

SAN FRANCISCO — Nate’s is introducing new product packaging and a non-G.M.O. status. The packaging redesign features a resealable bag. The packaging is showcased on the brand’s meatless meatballs. The meatballs are available in three flavors: classic, Italian, and mushroom. Nate’s products are available nationwide at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other supermarkets.  

Johnsonville introduces split sausage links

SHEBOYGAN FALLS, WIS. — Johnsonville is releasing split sausage links for the food service segment. The splits are butterflied 80% through the links, which provides for less breakage in food service kitchens. The sausage links are available in four selections: stadium brat, spicy German brat, smoked sausage, and smokehouse jalapeño bacon cheddar sausage. The sausage links are made without textured vegetable protein, fillers, or cereals. “Split Sausage is a great alternative to bacon for protein on protein applications,” said Todd Pogorzelski, vice-president of Johnsonville Sausage. “Our split sausages as a topping actually cost less than bacon and provide more meat, more flavor, and more juiciness than bacon. Sandwiches are also bigger allowing for profit enhancing through upcharging. Johnsonville Split Sausage is the new bacon.”

Zico debuts chilled coconut water and juice blends

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. — ZicoBeverages L.L.C. is releasing a coconut water and juice blends product called chilled juices. The beverage includes five naturally-occurring electrolytes and is free of added flavors, preservatives, dairy, and gluten. Chilled juice is available in three varieties: orange juice, pineapple mango orange juice, and natural coconut water. The coconut water juices are available in 1.5-liter Tetra Pak paper cartons for a suggested retail price of $7.99. Zico juices are available in California, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington.

Jamba Juice rolls out energy bowls

EMERYVILLE, CALIF. — Jamba, Inc. is announcing the addition of made-to-order Jamba Juice energy bowls. The bowls feature ingredients such as fruit, soy milk, Acai juice, sliced almonds, honey, granola, coconut, and Greek yogurt. The energy bowls are available in varieties such as acai berry, acai primo, berry, strawberry, mango, and tropical acai.

Al fresco expands frozen offerings

CHELSEA, MASS. — Al fresco is launching two new product lines featuring fully-cooked food items. The new offerings include chicken meatballs and breakfast chicken sausages. Both products are produced with skinless chicken meat without gluten or pork. The breakfast chicken sausages come in two flavors: country style and apple maple. The chicken meatballs are offered in three flavors: Italian, caramelized onion, and jalapeño and pepper jack. Al fresco breakfast chicken sausage packages contain eight links for a suggested retail price of $3.99. The chicken meatball packages contain 24 chicken meatballs for a suggested retail price of $7.99.

Campbell’s releases ready-to-cook soups

CAMDEN, N.J. — Campbell’s Soup Co. is rolling out a line of ready-to-use soups. The four new soup selections include Portobello mushroom, herb and garlic with chicken stock, sweet onion, and Mexican-style tomato. Campbell’s soups are available in 14.5-oz cartons for a suggested retail price of $2.19.

Jamba Juice expands with cold- pressed juice line

EMERYVILLE, CALIF. — Jamba, Inc. is announcing the launch of a new line of cold-pressed juices. Jamba utilizes high pressure processing to produce the cold-pressed juices, which protects the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. Juices are available in four flavors: orange, tropical greens, citrus, and veggie harvest. The juices are available in 12-oz bottles.

Dole rolls out garden soups

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIF. — Dole Garden Soup is introducing a line of ready-to-serve soups. The soup line is non-bioengineered, preservative-free, and packaged in B.P.A.-free boxes. In addition, all soups are free of gluten and cholesterol. The soups come in five flavors: roasted garlic tomato basil, tomato vegetable, carrot ginger, southwestern black bean and corn and sweet corn. The soups are sold at grocery stores nationwide in 26-oz cartons for a suggested retail price of $3.49.

Jones Soda releases line of sparkling waters

SEATTLE — Jones Soda Co. is announcing the addition of sparkling water. The beverage line is available in four flavors: berry lemonade, berry, green apple, and strawberry lime. The 8-oz cans of sparkling water do not contain added sweeteners, colors, or artificial preservatives. Jones sparkling water is available at Target stores nationwide.

House Foods America debuts tofu with DHA Omega-3

GARDEN GROVE, CALIF. — House Foods is introducing a tofu with DHA Omega-3. The tofu is produced with U.S.-grown organic soybeans. The product is non-bioengineered, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. The tofu comes in two varieties: firm and extra firm.

Sambazon releases acai bowls and reduced sugar juices

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIF. — Sambazon is announcing the debut of acai bowls and reduced sugar juices to the product lineup. Both products are produced with acai berries that were harvested in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Acai bowls contain 4.75-oz servings with Nature’s Path granola. The bowls come in two flavors: acai berry and acai berry with strawberry and blueberry. Reduced sugar juices are sweetened with agave, stevia, and erythritol. The 11-oz juices come in three flavors: acai berry, strawberry lemon with acai and acerola, and pineapple coconut with acai. Acai bowls are sold for a suggested retail price of $4.49 and reduced sugar juices are sold for a suggested retail price of $3.49. Sambazon acai bowls and reduced sugar juices are available at natural health food stores nationwide.

Back to Nature rolls out artisanal soup line

NAPLES, FLA. — Back to Nature Foods Company, L.L.C., is expanding its product line with artisanal soups made with ancient grains. The soup line offers gluten-free and non-bioengineered products. Soup flavors include chicken and wild rice with kamut, chicken tortilla with red quinoa, beef and barley, bean with kale and millet, and minestrone with faro. Soups contain 28 to 41 grams of whole grains and 6 to 8 grams of protein per serving. In addition, soups are sold in B.P.A.-free Tetra Pack cartons. As with all Back to Nature products, the soups do not contain artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. Back to Nature soups will be available at Publix, Safeway, and Whole Foods.

Udi’s announces expansion of frozen food category

BOULDER, COLO. — Udi’s is introducing new frozen offerings, including gluten-free burritos and skillet meals. The breakfast burritos come in four varieties: egg, sausage and cheddar; uncured bacon and cheddar; chicken apple sausage; and egg white, southwest veggies and cheese. Lunch burrito offerings include bean and green chili, chicken, spicy southwest veggie, and steak. The skillet meal lineup features chicken Parmesan, ziti and meatballs, chicken Florentine, and chicken alfredo. Udi’s frozen food offerings are available at grocery stores nationwide.

Krustez introduces flatbread mixes

SEATTLE — Krusteaz is rolling out a line of flatbread mixes. The mixes are available in three flavors: Italian herb, garlic and onion, and whole wheat. Krusteaz flat bread mixes are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.49.  

Sport Beans rolls out new flavors

FAIRFIELD, CALIF. — Sport Beans is adding two new flavors to the lineup: juicy pear and green apple. The gluten-free bean flavors join lemon lime, orange, berry, and fruit punch varieties. In addition, Sports Beans offers caffeinated selections in pomegranate, watermelon, and cherry. Sport Beans single-serving packet is only 100 calories. Sport Beans are available at sporting good stores nationwide.