KANSAS CITY — Quick and convenient breakfast options that don’t sacrifice nutrition are coming as companies look to add better-for-you alternatives to the grab-and-go category.

Jimmy Dean is expanding its breakfast options with the introduction of egg bites. Containing 17 grams of protein per serving, the bites are formulated with whole eggs, Jimmy Dean sausage or bacon and cheese. They are fully cooked and can be reheated in the microwave then served.

“Breakfast is crucial to get your day started with your best foot forward, but we know it can feel daunting to make a meal from scratch — especially during the week,” said Janee Luhrsen, brand manager of Jimmy Dean brand.

MingsBings also is bringing a healthier breakfast option through a partnership with plant-based egg alternative company Just Egg.

The bings, which are a traditional Chinese stuffed flatbread, are available in four varieties, each containing Just Egg’s egg alternative.

“I’ve created MingsBings Breakfast Bings, an extension to our core lineup of bings, to introduce a new breakfast format that is first and foremost delicious and portable, but also plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free,” said Chef Ming Tsai, founder of MingsBings. “This means no cholesterol, less calories, less fat and carbs, and a lower environmental impact for every consumer.”

For those who prefer a sweeter breakfast to a savory one, fruit bar company Outshine debuted smoothie cubes, a way for blender-less consumers to have a smoothie. Available in three flavors, the smoothie cubes can be served by adding 4 oz of the smoothie cubes to a cup with a liquid of choice and letting it sit for 15 minutes, then shaking it to combine.

“Our consumers are constantly looking for convenient, nutritious options to support their busy lifestyles,” said Jamie Harbeck, senior manager of new business ventures at Nestle USA. “With Outshine Smoothie Cubes, we found a new way to deliver the quality and ease of an out-of-home smoothie without the hassle and mess that comes with conventional, homemade smoothies.”

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