Bring the heat

Spicy flavors are nothing new, but forthcoming convenience store launches are taking heat to new heights.

Rob Ramsey, senior manager of convenience channel marketing for Tyson Foods, said convenience store shoppers seek bold and spicy flavors. That’s why the company is introducing more than a dozen products in the channel featuring such flavors as sriracha, mango habanero and gochujang-inspired sweet and spicy.

He described a new wing offering as having a “spicy, hit-‘em-in-between-the eyes flavor.”

“Think about the occasion,” Mr. Ramsey told Food Business News. “You’re grabbing something; you don’t have your bottle of pepper sauce. So if you can put it all into a hot product to take it on the go, you’ve solved a consumer problem.”

General Mills is spicing up the salty snacks section with Bugles Hot Buffalo crispy corn snacks and two new varieties of Chex Mix, jalapeño cheddar and hot and spicy. The company’s proprietary research found “spicy adventure” is the third largest and fast-growing category in convenience store snacks.

In the candy aisle, Nestle USA is introducing Butterfinger Peanut Cups Smokin’ Hot, a limited-edition confection with a kick of cayenne pepper.