Biodynamic products at Expo East

Beyond organic

Biodynamic has become a new buzzword in natural and organic product launches. Products with a biodynamic claim contain ingredients that use regenerative agriculture, restoring vitality to the farm while delivering a “superior taste experience,” Ms. Mast said.

“You’d see wines that were certified biodynamic, but we’re now starting to see packaged products that are biodynamic,” Ms. Mast said.

The newest cereal offering from Back to the Roots, Oakland, Calif., is Biodynamic Cinnamon Clusters, made with 100% organic stoneground whole wheat, biodynamic cane sugar from Paraguay, biodynamic cinnamon from Sri Lanka and sea salt.

Another exhibitor, Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale, Calif., offers Biodynamic Organic Short Grain Brown Rice. And making its Expo East debut from Pacari Chocolate, Boca Raton, is a range of certified biodynamic chocolate products, including raw chocolate bars and nibs.

“This is very new and cutting edge, but I think we’re going to see more brands obviously going with organic certification but even looking at how they go beyond organic,” Ms. Mast said. “The letter of the law with organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s regenerative, but the spirit of organic is regenerative.”