VANCOUVER, B.C. — The Good Flour Co. (GFCO) has finished development on its children’s protein pancake and waffle mix, Patty Cakes.

Joining GFCO’s portfolio of gluten- and allergen-free baking mixes, Patty Cakes are made without dairy, nuts, eggs and soy. The dry mix, made with 23 grams of potato proteins and no added sugars, is aimed at health-conscious parents looking for alternatives to traditional pancake mixes.

“As a parent myself, I saw the direct effects of allergies and food sensitivities in my own children and quickly learned that feeding a family a balanced diet low in processed sugar and high in protein with great taste and flavor was a formidable challenge,” said Matthew Clayton, chief executive officer of GFCO. “In today’s fast-paced world, each stop at the fast-food shop is a poignant reminder of the tradeoff between convenience and health for developing children. At GFCO, we know it doesn’t need to be that way anymore and are committed to offering better food providing a spectrum of nutritional value that kids and parents alike will love.”

Patty Cakes initially will be available through the company’s online sales channels, including its direct-to-consumer website and Amazon. The company also is looking to expand into retail stores and foodservice opportunities, including school programs throughout North America.