Sleep and stress solutions

Functional food and beverage makers are adding adaptogenic herbs and minerals to formulations designed to promote stress relief and relaxation. Such products promise wakeful calm rather than a quick hit of energy.  

Sleep tonics“Studies show that most Americans are stressed, and because of that stress they don’t sleep,” Ms. Blumenfeld said. “It’s kind of a vicious cycle where you have coffee and all of these energizing ingredients to stay awake and then you can’t get back to sleep. The brands that are targeting this, instead of making you more energized, are focused on calming and relaxation and stress relief.”

Beverages at Expo West include Goldthread Plant Based Tonics made with such medicinal herbs and spices, Cham Cold Brew Tea with ingredients linked to relaxation and revitalization, and NatureWise Organic Ashwagandha Energy Drinks, which claim to enhance focus, reduce stress and improve mood.

“Within this trend... you’re seeing very simple, clean ingredients products positioned for something like stress and sleep support compared to what we might have seen a couple years ago, which would have been more highly processed, a lot of more engineered ingredients in those kinds of products,” Ms. Mast said.