Accelerating success

The recent emergence of business accelerators and incubators has paved the way for scores of start-up brands hungry to fix the food system.

Crunchsters“They’re assisting start-ups by offering office space, training, connections, and particularly mentorships,” Ms. Blumenfeld said. “Venture capital firms and C.P.G.s always have an eye to these accelerators because that’s where a lot of the innovation is happening.”

Backed by AccelFoods, Expo West newcomer Crunchsters provides sprouted organic mung bean snacks, featuring 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving. Varieties include sea salt, smoky balsamic and vegan bacon flavor.Bizzy Coffee Shots

From Bizzy, a start-up with support from Food-X, comes a line of organic cold brew coffee double shots in vanilla, caramel and original flavors. Each 2-oz bottle provides the perfect hit of caffeine brewed from a blend of sustainably sourced light, medium and dark roasted beans, according to the company.

“We all know how difficult it is for particularly a food and beverage start-up to get going and compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace, and now there’s just more support options than ever before,” Ms. Mast said. “And it’s really having a profound impact on the food ecosystem and what the future of food looks like.”

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