Regeneration nation

Biodynamic has become a buzzword in natural and organic product launches over the past couple years as more companies embrace regenerative agriculture, a means of restoring vitality to the farmland.Union snacks

An example comes from new brand Union, which is debuting plant- and meat-based snack bites made with regenerative and biodynamic ingredients. The founders created Union to change the way food is made and its impact on the planet.

Foodstirs baking mixBaking mix brand Foodstirs sources such biodynamic ingredients as cane sugar to create a positive environmental impact. The company is debuting organic minute-mug cakes at Expo West in cinnamon swirl coffee cake, molten chocolate chip and confetti varieties.

“Of course, doing no harm is an imperative, but regenerative agriculture helps heal the harm that has already been done to the earth,” Ms. Blumenfeld said. “A lot of companies are doing this through consciously and holistically raised meat like bison, different types of agriculture.”

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